Jai Bhairav Welfare Society

Jai Bhairav Welfare Society Bikaner is a group of intellectuals form various field form Rajasthan with an urge to serve the society. It is a voluntary, Non profit Making, Non – Governmental organization committed to help to needy deserving orphan, handicapped and under privileged children of the society regardless any caste, creed and religion by way of sponsoring in various educational scheme, health care and social uplftment. The Society rendered voluntary services for the upliftment of human beings and propagation of healthy and prosper way of life.

Jai Bhairav Welfare Society Bikaner, during last four years, is involved in various activities, has focused primarily on Education and Literacy, Health and Family Welfare, poverty alleviation, Empowerment of women and gender issues, Child Welfare.

And Development, problem of working and street Children, Awareness on HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse, promotion of Education, Road Safety Awareness, Rural Development, Environmental issue and other Social and Community Development program me.

Our goal is to enable the disadvantaged section of the society to recognize the importance of their role, initiatives and participate in the process of development and shape their future course accordingly.

Jai Bhairav Welfare Society Bikaner, has established an extensive social welfare system. Among the many programs designed for betterment and enhancement of quality of life for SC, ST, BC, Minorities women and communities at large, we have –

  • Minimum needs (food, cloth, housing, accessing education, health and drinking water) and social security programmes.
  • There are also services for the blind, deaf, mentally retarded and orthopedic ally handicapped. Programs for displaced persons; rural community development.
  • Program for woman include welfare grants, women's hostels, family planning & maternity care measures are aimed ayt rehabilitationg juvenile delinquents, prostitutes and convicts.
  • Other social Welfare programs cover – emergency relief programs for natural disasters like – brought, flood, earthquake etc and eradicating unsociability etc.
  • Apart from the above mentioned initiatives, we are striving hard and working towards social sector like
  • Organizing awareness campaigns at various level in social Evils (Women discrimination, child marria14ges, all are equal, Antidowry, Anti Alcoholism, no Tobacco, Child Trafficking, female infanticide and withchcraft/sorcery).
  • Rehabilitation centre for social Vulnerable groups (Migration, Persons with disability, senior Citizens and Orphans/Street children).
News & Events

Tool Kit Distribution Program for Scheduled Castes Artisans at Bikaner

Design and Technology Upgradation Workshop organised at Khajuwala, Bikaner for 30 Scheduled Castes Artisans

Skill Development Training organised for Minority Women under Kaushal se Kushalta Scheme at Bikaner District.